How to prepare yourself for investing?

13 May , 2019 | Autor: Magdalena Grzeszyk

Entering the world of investing requires some solid preparations. Knowing the basic rules of investing is a must. Apart from completing the appropriate learning path, the not so obvious important factor is to take care of own physical and mental wellbeing. Investing in properties is the best way to gain financial freedom. It might seem uneasy to start with, but with proper preparations and planning it can lead you to success. To get there, you need to first spend a lot of time on gaining knowledge, experience and shaping your own habits and behaviours.

Where to start?
Start with reading, constant looking for inspiration, observing the professionals and finally – getting involved in your own investment projects. This is not everything. You need to work on your own personality: your adaptability to change and resilience in times of failure and ambiguity. In the process of preparations, you need to focus on developing both your knowledge and your soft skills. In my book “Let’s make money on property investments” you can read: “It is easier to get the knowledge and skills than sort out your own way of thinking and habits, which will make you an effective property investor”. In this book you will find some proven tips and tricks on preparing yourself for investing in properties. At first you might feel like you are wandering in the dark, but experience, the right attitude and habits will develop with time.

It all starts with the attitude.
The key thing is to put yourself in the mental and physical condition that will help you stay focused and calm while making decisions and shaping your own investment strategy. To get there, start with listening to what your own body has to tell you. Try to observe what makes you content and what sort of diet, surroundings and physical activities make you feel best. Thanks to this simple method you will gain the knowledge that will help you keep balance in your life, that in turn will make you most effective in terms of exploring your physical and mental capacities. The actual impact of our wellbeing on our investment decisions will be a desirable positive “side effect” of this approach. Who knows, maybe one day it will significantly influence one of our investment decisions?

Purpose and motivation
Establishing the purpose of your investment is of paramount importance at the beginning. You must reflect on your motivation and the energy and time you will need to finalise the investment. If you are serious about property investments, try to allocate as much time and resources as you need to make it succesful. You will need a lot of time for learning and taking care of your mental and physical wellbeing as much as for looking for suitable properties and transactions themselves. Property investments require devotion and a lot of effort and as such it cannot be treated as an additional task only (at least at the beginning).

Once you get to know more about yourself, step by step you will become a more efficient and effective investor. Check out my book “Let’s make money on property investments” to find out what else you can do for your development and becoming an effective investor.


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